Have you been looking for a beachfront property that is in Naples Florida? You might be specifically trying to find condominiums. In a particular area, located between Park Shore and Pelican Bay, is a destination called Naples Cay. This is an exclusive area, one that has a total of six high-rise condominium buildings. There are nearly 300 units that are there. You will have access to a Gulf of Mexico beach, and you are very close to Clam Bay once you have moved in. These can be very expensive, and if you can purchase one, you will see that this location is nicer than you had imagined. To find the ones that are available, you will need a realtor that is currently listing Naples Cay condos for sale.

How To Select The Best Realtor To Help You

There are several things to look for when you are choosing a realtor to help. First of all, they should have a specific part of their website where these particular condominiums are discussed. It is there that you will see maps of the area, and also learn about the many activities and businesses that will be nearby. Best of all, this is a beachfront property which gives you access to the beaches and water in just minutes. There are several places that you may want to frequent including the Village on Venetian Bay, and you can also go to the many Naples Philharmonic Center presentations that are done quite regularly. There are Waterside Shops that will have unique items that you can purchase. All of this will be available to you as long as you can find a competent realtor to help you purchase one of these condos.

How Much Are These Condos In General?

All of these condominiums are going to be priced at over $1 million. For example, you could get a nice two bedroom, three bathroom 2200 square foot condominium for right around $1.7 million. If you want something smaller, such as 1300 square feet, you can get one of those that will have three beds and two baths for just over $1 million. The prices are very high in comparison to other condominiums that are available. This is because it is a beachfront property. You are paying for the location, and everything around it, which is why so many people try to purchase these when they come available.

How To Choose The Right Realtor To Help You Out

Top realtors are always going to have more sales than their competitors. If you think about it, real estate agents and brokers are constantly competing for buyers that are thinking about moving into these locations. Those that are looking for beachfront properties are among the most common buyers. This is exactly who they are looking for and can help you get into one of these condos once you start working with them. The condominiums are also made with unique designs. You may have patios outside that will give you a view of the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding area. The higher that you are, the more you will pay, but it will be well worth it. You will have a fantastic view of a prime location in the city of Naples. You can choose the right realtor by simply finding out about how many sales they have had. Sometimes this is displayed online. Those that are the most successful are the ones that you will want to consider working with, especially if you need to purchase one as soon as possible.

Are These Condominiums Designed Just For Retirees?

If you are a retiree, it is obvious why this area of Naples will be perfect for you. Everything is literally within walking distance or a short drive away. It’s designed for people that like the ocean, and like to do activities such as golfing, and this will apply to people that are working as well. If you do not like your current location in Naples, and you want to be closer to the water, the condominiums that Naples Cay will be exactly what you need. Finding the best realtor is the key to obtaining one of these quickly and also getting them for a price that will be right within your budget.

Naples Cay condominiums are exceptional. You would be hard-pressed to find any that are much better. Fortunately, the prices on these are still relatively affordable. You should be able to get into one that you will enjoy. If you can, start contacting realtors today to have them present any of these condos that may currently be on the market. They can also alert you to those that come available in the near future. By working with a competent realtor, you will have no problem at all getting into one of these beautiful condominiums in the exclusive area of Naples Cay.