Qualex Landmark™ has submitted their development application for the 700 and 800-blocks of East 3rd Street. The site is located in the Moodyville area of North Vancouver, which was approved as a district rezoning in April 2016.

As one of the first applications to go before City of North Vancouver council, this particular application is for the South side of East 3rd Street between Queensbury Avenue and Moody Avenue. The site also sits adjacent Moodyville Park and involves a land exchange where the City receives new park land. The plan is for a new development under the RM-2 Zone and Moodyville Development Guidelines.

The proposal is for three 4-storey residential buildings, and includes:

157 residential units
total density of 1.8 FSR
235 total parking stalls
CAC of $4.2 Million ($20 up to 1.6 FSR, $110 up to 1.8 FSR)
25,000 SF of new park land